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Picture Your Home
in a Different Light (or Lot!)

    With a 3D Virtual Home, you'll know just what your home will look like--inside and out.  Click on any of the images below to launch a Flash-based panorama that can show you a full 360-degree view of your home. Once the page has loaded, you can look around and behind you, zoom in and out, and click on links that will take you to the other panoramas in the set.

Best of all, a Virtual Home Tour can show your home at different times of day, with multiple decorating schemes, or even at different lots and locations! Each Tour includes dozens of Flash panoramas--built at whichever locations you choose, and linked together to provide a seamless walk-through of your new home and lot. Before you even choose a builder, you can experience your home on different sites, with numerous decorating schemes, and even varying seasons!

     Please note--older computers without a recent version of Flash may not display the scenes properly. If a scene freezes, click the "refresh" button on your browser tool bar.  If you're still unable to load the scene after a couple of tries, try downloading an updated version of the Flash player at http://http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer



Family Room, Daylight


Family Room, Nighttime


Loft, Daylight


Loft, Evening



Click on one of the four images above to launch the corresponding panorama. Once loaded, the view will "auto-rotate," but you can also control the view with your mouse or keyboard. In order to swing the camera left and right, simply left-click/hold, and drag your mouse in the direction you want to look. Your mouse's scroll button will zoom the camera in and out. Your keyboard's arrow keys and plus-minus buttons will also allow you to move and zoom the camera.

Clicking on the day/night buttons will alter the time-of-day and lighting. The buttons on the right will permit you to switch from the Family Room camera to the Loft, and back again.

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