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OrbiTour(tm) Demo:
Master Bath

     Please note--older computers without a recent version of "Java" may not display the scenes properly. If the scene freezes (fails to turn on loading), click the "refresh" button on your browser tool bar.  And if you're still unable to load the scene after a couple of refreshes, try downloading the Java viewer plug-in at  http://www.java.com.


The scene will start turning on its own, but you can control the camera instead. Here's how:
  • Click and move the mouse to swivel side-to-side or tilt up and down
  • Hold the "CTRL" key to zoom in, or hold "SHIFT" to zoom back out.
  • For more precise control, you can use the arrow keys to move, and the +/- or </> keys to zoom.
Autorotation Start Autorotation Stop Zoom In Zoom Out Show/Hide Hotspots Reset


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