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Welcome to 3D Virtual Homes!

     Believe it or not, many owners of newly-built homes wish they could give it another try. "If only we had made the study bigger," they think, "or added a sliding door that didn't block the hallway."

   It's not their fault, of course. Few people can picture what their house will really look like until it's just about done--and then it's too late (or too expensive!) to make the changes they want.

     It doesn't have to be that way! Here at 3D Virtual Homes, we can "build" your new home long before the foundation is poured. You can walk through your Virtual Homestead, make the changes you want, and see just what your dream home will look like...long before the first footer is poured!

    3D Virtual Homes builds true-to-life model homes with a level of realism and interactivity that no other service or program can match:

  • See your house on your homesite: We incorporate images or full panoramas from your selected homesite, so when you walk around inside and out, you'll see your home in its natural surroundings. Check the back yard through the kitchen window, or see how the home will really look from the curb!


At 3D Virtual Homes, we turn dull, confusing blueprints into
a Virtual Homestead--a detailed 3D home "built" on a model of your homesite, decorated with your
own furniture and appliances!
Click on image to see a "fly-through" video
or take a virtual tour!

You'll see just what your new home will look like--including windows overlooking your actual homesite. By the way, these pictures were taken "inside" our 3D model (NOT real photos!), based on a home that has not yet been built!
Click image to view a sample panorama


  • Explore your Virtual Home in full-screen photorealism: Take a stroll around your virtual-reality home and yard in real-time, just by sliding your mouse across your desktop. Step through the front door and explore a photorealistic interior, then gaze through windows that actually look out on your lot or neighborhood.
  • Make the home your own: We can incorporate whatever decor and fixtures you wish, down to the make and model of your appliances. If you wish, 3D Virtual Homes can even "manufacture" furniture and other custom objects based on your family's treasured possessions--you'll see how your home will look once the movers have left (minus the boxes)!

     Best of all, you'll build the home that you really want, by trying out your virtual home before a single brick is laid. You could stand to save thousands of dollars in expensive "change orders," yet still build exactly what you want.

     A custom-built home represents the largest single investment many of us will ever make. Let our experts reduce the guesswork and worry, help protect your investment, and save you time and money.

     With 3D Virtual Homes, dream homes really do come true!



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