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It all starts
with your plan...

Even if you don't have a formal plan yet, we can help you
test different layouts to bring to your architect or designer.


     The plan doesn't have to be perfect--that's our job. If you've consulted with an architect or designer, bring their plans along on disk or paper, or e-mail them to us directly. If you don't yet have a design, we can still create a rough draft from your ideas and needs. But please note--3D Virtual Homes isn't an architectural or design service. Instead, we take your plans and bring them to life, so you can see your home and make sure it looks right, before construction begins!

Starting with the basic floor plan, our talented
3D artists build the basic framework of your home,
then add whichever finishes you desire.

Next, we build a quick model for your review...

     As soon as we have your floor plan "roughed in," you'll take your first tour--a chance to stroll through your virtual home, see what you think, and tell us how you'd like to fine-tune your design.

     Although we're not an architectural service, your plans can be exported into any standard CAD format, complete with dimensions and notes, so that your architect or designer can quickly add any changes you make. The design phase is a two-way street; any new revisions from your architect can also be included in our model.  If needed, we can even "transplant" your model home onto a completely different lot!


Under your guidance, a "final" model is made    

Your virtual home can be shown in a variety of finishes,
so you can choose your favorite floors, walls, and trim.

     Once you're happy with the basic model, we add the finishing touches--literally. Your model home can be completed with any number of options ranging from paint schemes and floor coverings to door and window choices, cabinetry and woodwork, lighting selections, and even landscaping. Once you've chosen your favorites, we can even save several alternate selections for comparison.

     We'll copy the completed models to a CD or key drive, or e-mail them directly to you, so you can show the new home to your family and friends--months before it's built. Virtual tours can even be recorded so that you can play the movies on a standard VCR or DVD player!


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