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The Freedom to Explore...

     ...wherever you wish. Other modeling services tie you to a single pre-set viewpoint in each room. But a 3D Virtual Home allows you to "walk" through your entire home--in real time! Explore every room and hallway, peer through windows for a view of your neighborhood, and "fly" to distant corners of the house for perspectives you'd ordinarily need a ladder to reach.


Want to see what a 3D Virtual Homes tour is all about? Click on the picture above, and take your own virtual tour today, in real-time! (For optimal performance, we recommend a broadband internet connection and a late-model PC with 3D graphics support)

You'll see just what your new home will look like--including windows overlooking your actual homesite.
(Click image to launch an
viewpoint of the Master Bath)


Unmatched Photorealism

     Our new OrbiTourTM technology combines the freedom of real-time tours with the realism of photo-like panoramas. While walking through your model, simply click on any OrbiTour viewpoint to see an instant high-resolution panorama from that precise location. Our OrbiTours can be placed wherever you like, and updated whenever your floor plan or decor changes. We can even incorporate models of your existing furniture or family treasures, scaled to match the dimensions of your new home!


Grab Your Popcorn
and Enjoy the Show!

     Not interested in "taking the wheel?" Then sit back and watch a movie instead!

    We'll be happy to create a high-resolution tour of your home in virtually any format or medium -- from simple slide shows to full-length "feature films" with moving parts and Dolby Surround SoundTM, all presented on VHS or DVD. You can also send QuickTimeTM or RealPlayerTM videos of your new house over the Web, or order a DVD that holds both movies and OrbiTours.

     We can even export your 3D home model to a variety of file types, from standard architectural formats like .DXF or .DWG to the increasingly popular "game" formats like .3DS or .MOD.

     Too many choices? Just give us a call, and one of our experts will be happy to explain the options and help you choose. Best of all, once your model is complete, you're never locked into a given format. We'll be happy to prepare a new tour or movie whenever you wish.

      At 3D Virtual Homes, you're always in charge. After all, it's your home!


Once created, a 3D Virtual Home model can be viewed any number of ways! Let clients take their own high-resolution tours, send DVDs of your planned home to family and friends, or stream a QuickTime video straight from your own web site.

Click the picture to watch
a fly-through video of our demo model.

(Larger-format demo available upon request)


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