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Demo Fly-Thru:
Video Presentation

We can export your walk-thru to virtually any format, including high-resolution TV (both European and American formats), QuickTime(TM), RealPlayer(TM), MP4, and others.  We can also customize a walk-thru to suit your needs, combining interactivity and high-resolution video, captioning, and even audio and special effects.

Due to the limitations of bandwidth, the following fly-thru shows the model home in a relatively small window. If you wish, we can send a larger-format video via either e-mail or DVD/VHS.  Our staff is also available for on-site demonstrations! Just drop us a line, and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs.

Choose your desired format by clicking on one of the following links.  If you don't have a media player installed, we recommend installing QuickTime or Windows Media Player, both of which offer good performance at relatively low bandwidths.  If you'd rather not use QuickTime or Windows Media Player, just let us know--we'll be glad to e-mail a copy of the video in whichever format you prefer.

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